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Scicom Lab

The Science Communication Lab is a design studio that specializes in providing innovative visual communication specifically for the sciences and for complex, explanation-intensive subjects. The innovation of the Science Communication Lab is that it combines classical disciplines of science communication such as journalism and public outreach activities with advanced design and visualization skills in interactive technologies. Numerous high-profile awards such as the renowned German Design Award 2016 and 2019 confirm this. The Science Communication Lab sees itself as a research-based and experimental institution that developes in close cooperation with scientists new and innovative forms of representation to meet the increasing demand of visualizations. It has already developed numerous projects for marine science institutes such as The Future Ocean, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research or Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology.

Experts attending: Susanne Landis & Manuel Reitz

Skye Morét

Skye Morét is a data-driven designer and marine scientist. Her diverse background on the ocean—having sailed 100,000+ km around the globe—fuels her belief in the power of art and design in communicating science. Her work investigates the complex relationship between nature and technology-mediated human expectations, experiences, and engagement. Skye is the Senior Researcher for TBA21–Academy (Venice) and an Assistant Professor in Collaborative Design and Design Systems at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (USA). Her work has been published in Science, Popular Science, Slate, and Public Radio International, among others, and recently won a National Geographic global innovation challenge.

Expert attending: Mrs. Skye Morét


TBA21–Academy is a cultural organisation investigating environmental injustice against the ocean, instigating interdisciplinary research, artistic productions and new forms of knowledge. Territorial Agency:Oceans in Transformation visualises three years of multiscalar research commissioned by TBA21–Academy, investigating the transformation of the world oceans during the Anthropocene.

Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation commissioned by TBA21–Academy. The rapid depletion of the coastal ecosystems of the Mississippi Delta, combined with sea-level rise scenarios. © Territorial Agency


Cultural Performance: 'The Atlantic Ocean as an inspiration'

Marine Miséramond is 17 years old. She is a student at the European School of Laeken in Brussels. She studies languages (Dutch, English & Spanish) as well as Social Sciences. Her mother tongue is French. She is Belgian.
Her passion is dancing. Marine has 12 years of experience in classic dance, 10 years in modern jazz and 6 years in “pointe” (dancing on the toes). For the period of 2 years, Marine followed a tap class as well as contemporary dance. Marine has also participated in several shows organised by her dance school. Now she is working on a particular choreography with a jazz teacher in order to perform as an individual dancer.

Julie Boiveau

Julie has been a graphic facilitator for 5 years. She worked with more than 200 companies to help them visualize their projects and ideas. Native from France, Julie has a Master’s degree in geography and sustainable territorial development. Julie then worked for 3 years in urban planning in Montpellier and Strasbourg (FR). While working on planning projects, Julie organised multiple meetings and workshops with various economic actors: companies, citizens, associations, territory representatives. 

Pursuing the idea of making people work better together, Julie began using graphic facilitation. Visuals are intended to help groups understand what has been said, and understand processes at work in groups and organizations. Visuals are also a good and accessible synthesis that people can keep after conferences and workhops.


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